Where Does My Money Go?

We are a giving church regularly helping many in our own body. We also tithe as a church.  This means that for every $10 you give $1 dollar goes to the ministries listed below.  We count it a joy and honor to be able to support these ministries and pray that you will remember this as you give faithfully to Calvary Chapel Waco. 


  • Regalos De Amor

    Tony and Holly have been called by the Lord to expand the work of Regalos de Amor through evangelism and discipleship in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.  Over the years they have seen hundreds of young children and their parents receive the Lord.  They are hoping that you will choose to team with them, touching a child with God's gift of love-Jesus, or even taking a new step and joining them in December to experience first-hand the joy of ministering to these children.  You can support Regalos De Amor in four ways: By praying for the children and their families, and for God's direction for the ministry, by donating to either the ministry's general fund or to the Bible fund, by preparing shoe box gifts for the children, or by joining us in Laredo over Thanksgiving weekend (to prepare the boxes for distribution) or in December (help with outreach and distribution).  

  • Chrisey Hernandez

    It has been a wonderful privilege to call Calvary Chapel Waco my home since 9/2007.  It was God that revealed my call to serve His children and youth and lead them to the Lord Jesus Christ and I can look back and se where God had opened doors to prepare me for His purpose and plans.  In 9/2016, I heard the call to move to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to serve alongside Regalos de Amor team/family to teach and minister to the people of this community with classes for both children and adults to learn English but even more importantly hear about Jesus and His wonderful gift of salvation.  By God's grace, I reside in the very same neighborhood we teach classes in and am able to connect with the families here even while I'm still learning to speak the language, God has been faithful.  This has been a great adventure from the very beginning and I know God has so much more ahead.  So please join me in this adventure via your prayers and support which is always appreciated.  

  • Pete Arciniega (CC Lockhart)

    Our names are Pete and Sarah Arciniega and we are the founders of Arciniega Boxing Outreach Ministry.  For the last fourteen years we have served the community of Lockhart through this ministry by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and using boxing as the tool to do so.  We make them understand, just like a fighter has to prepare for war inside the ring thus a person has to prepare for the war that is waged inside our , hearts, mind and soul in our everyday life and the only Way to do so is through our Savior and His Word.  We help them see that prayer, studying and meditating in the Word of God are essential tools for equipping the saints for spiritual battle just like hitting the bag, jumping rope, sparring, running and conditioning drills are essential for the physical battle in the ring.  As we have grown through the years it has been obvious to see that there is a need for a Biblical expository style teaching church due to the lack of knowledge in the Word of God by those who I have met through our program.  So after all these years of teaching Bible studies at work, in the gym, jail ministries and wherever allowed, the Lord has stirred our hearts to start a work in Lockhart.  That said as of November 2017 the Lord called us to plant a church "Calvary Lockhart" for the equipping of the saints and furtherance of the Gospel.  We ask that you would keep us in prayer as the suicide rate, drug abuse, witchcraft, sex and drinking parties have risen high amongst the elementary and teen levels.  It's real simple, the community just needs to be equipped, taught, and healed first to know how to deal with these issues and the only One who can do that is Jesus.  Thanks in advance for your prayers and support.  Pete and Sarah here at Calvary Lockhart.