Here at Calvary Chapel Waco it's our privilege to be able to showcase some of our families who have been impacted by our fellowship here.  Read these stories and we also invite you to come meet these families when you attend Calvary Chapel Waco.  

  • Clark Family (Jeff, Dorothy & Seth)

    The Clark Family  "Attending Calvary Chapel Waco has forever changed our lives.  Our children want to pray as a family at night.  Our marital relationship is stronger than ever.  The people at Calvary Chapel Waco are sincere and there is alot of love in the church.  These are only a few ways our lives have changed.  We could have wrote a book on the wonderful changes in our lives and it just gets better every single day."  

  • Hernandez Family (Mamie, Chrisey & Lorie)

    The Hernandez Family

    Chrisey's Testimony

    In August of 2007, I didn't have a future or so it seemed as I had spent 12 days in the hospital for appendicitis, the doctors were surprised that I had even made it in after looking at my test results.  That's when I knew I could have lost my life without God.  In September I recommitted my life to my Savior Jesus Christ.  Calvary chapel Waco has been my church home thanks to the prayers of my mother, Mamie and my sister, Lorie.  (Seen in the photo) I still enjoy the verse-by-verse teaching and the family atmosphere, but the best part is knowing that God is not done with me by a long shot.  I invite you to come and meet the God that restores, forgives and loves us right where we are.  

    In His Service,

    Christ Hernandez